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September Featured Mentor - Ken Greenleaf

Ken Greenleaf

We looked up the coast this month to Rockland for September’s featured mentor, Ken Greenleaf. In 2015 Ken served as the first Top Gun Coordinator for the Midcoast Area helping to secure the program in the region. Currently he is a business advisor for MaineStream Finance, a community development financial institution, based in Rockland. There he works with new and existing small businesses to create business plans to help increase their revenue, refine their processes and reach their business goals.

Before joining MaineStream, Ken was a sales and marketing manager working with businesses ranging from small operations to large chains. He has also managed an internet development firm started and ran a small, high-end renovation company in New York City.

In addition to his background in sales and business, Greenleaf is also a nationally known artist and a writer, who has written regular columns for MaineBiz Magazine, the Portland newspapers and the Portland Phoenix. His varied experience includes building musical instruments and commercial fishing. One of his clients called him the Swiss Army knife of small business. We might agree!


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