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5 Minutes with Josh Corbeau of Cloudport


Co-working with Josh Corbeau of Cloudport

What made you interested in the co-working space culture?

We have been exploring options to bring this model to Portland for a few years. Our owner worked out of a space in Miami and a few around Europe as well, and felt the concept would be very beneficial for business in Portland. His background in team environments drew him to the concept of co-working. Sharing resources, ideas, and experience were all very relevant throughout his career, especially in foreign countries. Creating a community within a community has always been a key aspect of the vision for Cloudport, and we feel Federal St. is a great hub for future locations and supporting the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Why do you think co-working space popularity is on the rise?

We feel the popularity is on the rise for a few reasons. The flexibility and affordability of the space, as well as the ability to share resources with like minded professionals is key. People love the ability to co-create in a community setting and the demographic in Portland supports this increasing trend. 

How do you see a co-working space like Cloudport fitting in to the Portland entrepreneurial ecosystem?

We feel that our goal of creating an a quality environment where entrepreneurs and like minded professionals can share resources and create opportunities for one another in a community environment will be embraced in Portland. After being open only a little over a month our rapid growth suggests exactly that. Cloudport is a place where entrepreneurs can come and share ideas with not only experienced entrepreneurs, but also a plethora of established businesses and great resources from groups like MCED, Venture Hall, E2 Technologies just to name a few. These relationships will continue to grow as we grow, and the community support system will be very fitting for the entrepreneurial demographic in Maine.

Do you have plans to expand to other communities in Maine?

Currently we are working on our first international location and a couple more in Greater Portland are in negotiation stages with town leaders and will be announcing where those will be when final negotiations are complete.

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