MCE helps innovators fill in the gaps between their deep industry expertise and the strategic business skills critical to launching a scalable, sustainable venture. Maine's unique economic and geographic challenges demand more that a traditional business incubator. They demand a catalyst.

5 Minutes with Kristine Schuman

Kristine Schuman has worked with both large and small Maine businesses to help connect   them to the resources they need to become successful.  Her expertise lie in site location, access to capital, marketing, start-up planning and growth strategies, workforce development, complying with state regulations, utilizing state programs, and working with local and regional partners.  

Ms. Schuman is the Business Development Manager and TechPlace Director for the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority.  In this role, Kristine has created TechPlace, a manufacturing business incubator, where she works with start-up and early stage companies and supports them in their desire to grow.  Ms. Schuman provides TechPlace businesses with access to in-house business resources by coordinating workshops, seminars, courses, and networking events on topics relevant to business growth and development.

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