Results: MCE Clients

Results: MCE Clients
Mingle Analytics Wins $500,000 MTI Development Loan

MCED Client Mingle Anayltics was awarded an MTI Development Loan for $500,000 with a match of $547,853 in July. The company has developed information technology and services that make it possible for healthcare providers to accurately and efficiently report quality data to Medicare for the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS). Mingle Analytics has grown to 50 employees and employs highly skilled IT professionals. The outcome of this project will generate new high tech and healthcare-related positions in Oxford County and allow the company to accommodate its growth objectives.

Davo Technologies wins MTI Development Loan

MCED MoneyTrack client Davo Technologies LLC received a $200,000 development loan from MTI in March. MTI offers Development Loans of up to $500,000 three times a year. They are meant to support the conversion of innovative research into new products, processes and companies in Maine.  

The next Development Loan Application deadline is June 28, 2016 – Notice of Intent to Apply is required by June 7, 2016.

Award Amount $200,000
Match Amount $200,000

Mingle Analytics Wins MTI Business Accelerator Grant

MCED MoneyTrack Client Mingle Analytics, Inc. of South Paris received a $34,000 MTI Business Accelerator grant in March, with a match of $40,702.

Business Accelerator Grants are available to start-up/early stage companies that have been awarded MTI Development Loans (DLs) and to companies that have recently been chosen for a federal Small Business Innovation Research /Small Business Technology Transfer, and/or a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) award.

Funds are to be used to advance the new technology to market and to firmly establish or increase the scope and sustainability of the business enterprise. The intention of the grant is to increase the competitiveness of the company by providing funds for product/service commercialization, business and management team development, and/or company organization.

Chimani to Launch Five New National Park Apps

Top Gun company, Chimani, will be celebrating National Park Week (April 22-26) with the launch of five new national park apps (Olympic, Grand Teton, Glacier, Bryce Canyon, and Sequoia/King's Canyon). All of Chimani's national park apps will also be featured throughout the week on the Amazon App Store as part of a promotional event between Chimani and Amazon.

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