is designed to supply affordable, accessible tools to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make the leap from idea to to thriving business.  Most would-be entrepreneurs "don't know what it is that they don't know" about getting started and staying on track towards their dreams. With the programs offered on this site, MCED provides the information you need to breath real life into your big idea.


Launch Your Brilliant Idea is an affordable, online class specially designed to walk you through the "what's next" of YOUR brilliant idea. The course is designed for easy accessibility, with 25 online learning modules in ten minute segments that can be accessed on an as-time permits basis. The cost of the course is only $50, which may later be applied to the full Top Gun Prep course offered in the fall.

These classes are crafted with an eye to transforming “wannapreneur's” into thriving, successful entrepreneurs.  

Is Launch Your Brilliant Idea right for you?

  • If you have a raw idea that you'd like to turn into a business, have envisioned a product innovation, want to develop a product that does not yet exist, or are just dreaming about what it might take to be an entrepreneur, this class is designed to launch you on your way. 
  • Anyone wanting to understand what's involved in launching a business - from App developers, and artists, to x-ray technicians and zoologists, will find the course finally gives them the information they need to start making their dreams a reality.
  • Launch Your Brilliant Idea fits easily into busy schedules with twenty five modules of approximately just ten minutes each. Pay once and re-visit the course material as often and at any time you wish. No text book required.

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