Top Gun Prep

Top Gun Prep is an online class with open enrollment for participants from across the state. The program will be delivered in a combination of online and live sessions. Top Gun Prep 2016 is open now for registration. You can register here

Top Gun Prep covers such topics as business models and customer development (insights from Silicon Valley), entrepreneurial marketing, financials and financing. 


The live sessions will be held in different locations around the state, allwoing students and local mentors to connect. The course culminates with an optional Top Gun Prep Pitch Night for our entrepreneurs who want to practice their pitch in front of a panel of judges and a supportive audience.


Many of the companies selected for the Top Gun program are graduates of Top Gun Prep. The fee is $175 per person. There are some limited opportunities for partial scholarships, email for more information.  

Is Top Gun Prep right for you?
Previous participants have included college students exploring entrepreneurship, people with raw ideas that might become businesses, teams developing products, entrepreneurs with early market success, even businesses that have been around for years but who want to grow through innovation. App developers, vegetable farmers, online education developers, consultants, medical device companies, niche fashion designers, artisanal chocolate makers, rural small businesses, artists, and even a few government officials trying to understand entrepreneurship have all benefited from the class.

Here are some comments about Top Gun Prep from previous participants:

Rocco Sbardella, Mobile Magic
"Thanks for an amazing class! This idea of mine has progressed so much in the last two months and I don't think it would be as far along without your insights."

Steve Shaffer, Black Dinah Chocolatiers
"Thanks for giving me a better language to talk about business."

Terry Cross, Armaid 
"Thank you for helping me to see business life differently."  

Charley Earley, EKLIPSE
"I learned a lot about valuable entrepreneurial prerequisites and parameters that I need to figure out and implement. p.s. Remind me to tell you about the new product idea I came up with while attending TGP!"

Pam Saunders, PJ Coeur
"What I learned in Top Gun Prep absolutely aided my ability to submit a successful [MTI TechStart] application - THANK YOU!!"

Alexander Sargent,
"I just wanted to write and personally thank you for your level of professionalism and attention to detail in your Top Gun Prep course.  I've just finished my first few classes for my MBA through WPI's cohort program and I have to say, you are both operating out of the same playbook!" 

Meryem Rogan, Promise Pretzels of Maine
"You have actually made learning about business very interesting!"