A series of workshops to help you run your business better.

What to Expect

MCE periodically holds Workshop Series, which typically consist of 3-4 workshops, and provide in-depth coverage on a particular business topic. Our workshops are generally 2-2.5 hours in length, with rich interaction between speakers and attendees.

Eligibility and Participation

MCE Workshop Series are hosted by MCE sponsors and are open to all. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, our open workshop series are free. Please look to our newsletter, website and Facebook page for upcoming workshops and how to register.

Past Workshops

Past workshop series have included topics such as Equity Pathways; a 5-session workshop series that includes:

Preparing to Raise Capital, What Startups Need to Know

There are many steps a startup can take prior to seeking outside capital that can help maximize its capital raise opportunities.This workshop will walk you through what investors will expect to see – from financial models, pitch decks, executive summaries and business plans, to cap tables, reference lists, deal structures and exit options. Is your corporate legal work in order? This session will also cover the various legal issues to consider when preparing to raise capital.

Non-Equity Financing for Startups

Many entrepreneurs, particularly small business owners, rely on debt and other non-equity sources of capital to finance their ventures. This session will cover the different non-equity avenues available to startups, including traditional bank financing options, awards, grants, SBA loans, GoFundMe and other sources to fund your business without selling your equity. Equally important, the legal considerations for each of these options will also be addressed.

Raising Capital and Securities Law Basics

This workshop will include a general overview of applicable securities laws and traps for the unwary when raising equity capital.

Equity Compensation for Employees, Advisors, and Directors

Learn best practices and avoid pitfalls among the many options for using equity to incent people key to success.

Come to Terms, Understanding Term Sheets

This workshop will teach you the language of an equity term sheet as well as the long term implications of the most important deal terms. You’ll learn about the four broad categories of deal terms (economics, exit/liquidity, protection, management and control) and review the major terms in each. Three sample term sheets will be distributed and discussed: convertible note, seed, and common. And the expert panel can deep dive into some of the implications of issues like the balance of pre-money valuation with liquidation preference.