Make it Maine at Expo East!

We’re excited

This year marks the first year MCE Maine Food & Beverage Accelerators will be exhibiting at Expo East alongside some of our award-winning food & beverage member companies.  This event is set to showcase the cutting-edge innovations and sustainable solutions emerging from Maine’s food and beverage industry. We’re looking forward to sharing the best of Maine with you!  

Stop by our booth 4087 to connect with Maine’s award winning food & beverage producers and learn about the exciting work we’re doing.

Join us for our Make it Maine Cocktail Reception on Friday, September 22nd from 3-5pm featuring Signature Maine Beverages, Surf & Turf Appetizers & Tasty Snacks

Visit Maine at Expo East

Maine, renowned for its pristine waters, fertile farmland, and unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, has seen a remarkable transformation over the past decade. The state has solidified its position as a hub of innovation within the food industry, fostering the growth of natural, sustainable, and environmentally responsible food and beverage brands. Be sure to stop by and visit all our Maine Food Accelerator member companies exhibiting at the show to maximize your Maine experience!    

Exhibiting Companies

Atlantic Sea Farms – Booth 4169
Woman-run, mission-driven seaweed farming company with award-winning regeneratively farmed kelp products from ferments to burgers to cubes.

Bristol Seafood – Booth 4085
On a mission to make seafood America’s favorite protein, Bristol offers sustainably sourced frozen value added seafood products including scallops, cod, haddock, shrimp and salmon.

Diggables – Booth 4071

The first of its kind – a naturally gluten-free buckwheat snack that tastes great and gives back to the planet. 

Maine Crisp Company – Booth 2038
Wholesome, tasty, gluten-free crisps made with buckwheat, love and care.

Simply Served – Booth 1952
Empowering the everyday chef to eat better, easier meals, by creating innovative and natural products that make eating and cooking more convenient. 

Maine Food Accelerators – Booth 4087
Partnering with Maine’s most promising food and beverage brands to sustainably scale and develop their businesses, and regional & national presence.  

Additional Featured Companies