We’re fortunate to work with entrepreneurs across the state who inspire us everyday through their passion and persistence in growing their businesses and bringing their products and services to customers in Maine and beyond.  We’re proud to be a part of their journey and are excited to share their stories!  

Meet Stacy Moore and Ashley Lenz, Healing Harbors, Brunswick Maine

Stacy Moore and Ashley Lenz, Founders, Healing Harbors

Healing Harbors is a veteran founded and women owned company on a personal mission. A mission you’ll find right up front in their logo, and deep in their hearts: CARE FOR EVERY BODY™

Healing Harbors makes Hemp-based and CBD infused products that are redefining what’s possible in treatment, what’s possible in result, and what’s possible beyond what Stacy and Ashley imagined starting their business almost seven years ago.

After serving on a base in remote Alaska as a Coast Guard helicopter mechanic, Stacy came back home to Maine to continue to serve her community via a career in home healthcare. She soon noticed that many of her clients were using cannabis infused topicals for relief from their pain and limitations, and curiosity took hold. After taking classes in medicinal cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, Stacy developed her first product: a cannabis infused salve. On seeing how effective it was, Stacy quickly shifted her focus to legal hemp and its most beneficial and prevalent cannabinoid — CBD — realizing that without the legal restrictions associated with THC and “marijuana” she could help many more people. She started making her own hemp-based products, offering them to friends in need, and getting invaluable feedback in return. The results spoke for themselves, and Healing Harbors was born. 

At the same time, Ashley, a marketing director from a successful Atlanta startup, was helping care for her father, a brilliant mathematician who was lost to Alzheimer’s. Over a long and painful goodbye, it became clear to Ashley that she wanted to honor her father’s legacy by continuing to care for others and was questioning, “Why do we need to exist in the world? How are we truly helping people? Does our work actually matter?” they would remind her how much money everyone was poised to make. It didn’t sit right with her soul.

She moved to Maine and started making the transition to becoming an entrepreneur, and a mom. 

As fate would have it, Ashley soon met Stacy through a mutual friend and Stacy was listening to her customers’ feedback, making smart changes, while working with good, clean ingredients. Ashley knew that she had finally found what she was looking for, and that she could make a big impact on Healing Harbors with her background and skills. Together, they continue develop, create and distribute some of Maine’s most highly regarded CBD personal care and pet products

Today, Healing Harbors uses the best natural ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. They create products in craft-sized batches and maintain strict control over strengths and purity backed by third party lab testing. 

Running and growing a startup business in a highly regulated industry is tough, even in the best of times, during a pandemic, some may say impossible; but Healing Harbors has managed to thrive.  Stacy and Ashley credit their customers for motivating them to keep going each day, with stories of how their products have helped them or a loved one. They’ve made smart moves, like reinvesting in their company and employees to attract and build the best team. 

Check out Healing Harbors exciting line of Hemp-based and CBD infused products for yourself and your pets here.

Meet Krista Gagne, Maine Homestead, Lyman Maine

Krista Gagne, Owner, Maine Homestead at her first farmers market in 2011

Krista made her first pickles for her grandparents in 2011 with extra cucumbers from their garden. After realizing they could never eat the 100 jars of pickles they produced themselves, Krista decided to try her hand at farmers markets and craft shows.  Based on her success, Krista launched Maine Homestead the following year and has expanded her product line of pickles, jams, jellies and relishes and sells to over 300 retail and specialty stores throughout the US and also sells direct to consumer.  Maine Homestead also owns and runs a small local specialty food and gift market (Maine Homestead Market) focused on supporting local producers on the same property as their production facility in Lyman, Maine.  

In addition to cooking and bringing good, local foods to the community by supporting other Maine producers, Krista loves dogs and the outdoors.

If you haven’t tried Maine Homestead’s small batch pickled vegetables, relishes or jams yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!   The Maine Homestead Market on 1773 Alfred Road in Lyman is also a treat and a real treasure for homemade, local Maine foods, beverages and gifts.

Krista is currently in MCE’s Cultivator Program and is working on scaling up her business, which means more of her delicious foods for more of us!  Learn more about Maine Homestead here